Event Details

15th July 2022, 9am - 6pm

Inspired Arts Cafe & Auditorium
11 Sam Leong Road, #02-01
Trio Building, Singapore 207903


From the first touchpoint to everywhere in between, be the brand that understands your consumers with a tailor-fit marketing strategy.

The brands that thrive are those that position themselves well, while meeting their customers where they’re at. 

At the upcoming Shopify Merchant Meetup, you'll get both done in 8-hours AND gain valuable partnerships for your brand to improve your product offering.

  • Build a robust marketing engine that can help you survive and thrive regardless of economic climate

  • Identify the 7 essential levers you can pull to grow profits, not just revenue

  • Clarify your marketing strategy in just 8h hours and know you’re doing it right

  • Create an 8-part sales funnel that will boost your bottom line now

  • Find potential partners in the room who can value-add to your product offering and earn affiliate commissions from

  • Get access to leaders from DigitalMarketer, Shopify, Klaviyo, and more!

This is for you

  • Founders and Entrepreneurs

    ...who want to avoid the painful “learning curves”

  • Business Owners

    ...who want to get unstuck and start growing again

  • Heads of Marketing

    ...who need direction, support and accountability

Meet the Speakers

  • Garrett Cannon D'Entremont

    Director of Services


  • Jeremiah John Abalos

    Senior Launch Engineer


  • James Guerin

    Strategic Partnerships Manager


  • Colin Koh

    Partner Manager


  • Vernon Lim

    CEO, Founder

    Monarch Advisory

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    CEO, Founder

    VIA Media

  • Alva Chew

    CEO, Founder


  • Joshua Goh

    CEO, Founder

    Path Digital Solutions

  • Josh Tay

    Head of Marketing Strategy

    Path Digital Solutions

  • Ken Sapp

    Director, Co-Founder

    Path Digital Solutions

What you’ll achieve after the workshop

You’ll have in-person opportunities to chat with the experts in the following fields: customer value optimisation, email marketing, traffic and branding. 

Trust that you'll be in good company.

What's On the Agenda?
  • Benchmark your brand against the industry and identify areas for growth

  • Clarity and direction on your brand marketing approach

  • Gain confidence about your messaging, website, emails, supply chain and marketing plan

  • Conclude with an implementation plan that can be applied fast

Seize the Opportunities

Before digital products became the business, customer acquisition was the end game. But that's no longer enough. Today's winners are optimizing for engagement, activation, loyalty, and the end-to-end digital journey.

Take the guesswork out of marketing and get where you want to go faster.

We test, iterate and push boundaries to continually bring new and proven strategies into your marketing mix – giving you the edge over competitors.

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What’s my investment?

The price for this Shopify Merchant Meetup is $40. This includes lunch, free flow coffee, tea, snacks and training materials.

At registration, you will receive $40 cashback in Grab vouchers just for showing up.

What if I want my campaigns reviewed?

We won’t have time to go through individual campaigns during this workshop. However, we do have a special program for bi-monthly campaign reviews. Email us at support@pathdigitalsolutions.com and we can make that happen. 

Can my partners, team members and I attend together?

Of course. However, We would recommend limiting registrations to 2 per company, to leave seats to other brands.

How many people are in Meetup?

This meetup will have a maximum of 50 participants. We like to keep things cozy and maximise opportunities for learning and networking.

Must I have a Shopify store?

Not necessarily. The strategies are mostly platform-agnostic. However, it would be most beneficial if you are an existing Shopify merchant or plan to migrate your store to Shopify, because we will be referencing some specific tactics.

How will this meetup help me?

The purpose of this meetup is to know how to leverage the power of customers inside an ecommerce business. Besides the financial upside that you can gain with the right strategy and implementation, you’ll also be able to gain access to logistics providers, ecommerce platforms and branding consultants.