Our Agenda

8:30 - Registration

Come early, find a seat and get comfy. It’s going to get real!

9:00 - Merchant Meet & Greet

9:30 - Welcome & Introduction

Let’s get to know each other a little better – hearing from you on your business niches and brand products so we can cater our content to your specific context.

9:45 - Ecommerce Mastery

The program that will teach you absolutely everything you need to optimize any ecommerce store to generate more sales & profit.

10:15 - The Growth Triad

The 3 critical success factors all great businesses have for predictable, profitable, and sustainable growth.

10:30 - The Customer Value Journey

What marketing really is and how to engage your customers at every level of their interactions with businesses.

11:00 - Break

11:15 - The Customer Value Journey (con't)

Build your own journey, hands-on, with one lucky participant.

11:30 - Measuring Ecommerce Growth

Get clarity on goals and measuring store success (beyond just revenue). Understand exactly what metrics to measure that will make the biggest impact on store revenue.

12:15 - Tell Your Brand Story

Messaging is everything and everywhere, how to identify USPs and create a tagline that sells from the first fold.

12:45 - Lunch

2:00 - Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

How to use the right email sequences in the right places to get customers to buy, buy more, and more often.

2:30 - Shopify Product Page Tactics

New features with Shopify that help make your products shine brighter than the competition.

3:45 - Break

4:00 - Marketing with TikTok

Driving discovery through short-form mobile video.

4:30 - Navigating the Facebook Apocalypse

What's working right now to drive down your marketing costs with Facebook & Instagram, post-iOS14.

5:00 - Ecommerce Search Strategy

Marketing tactics that are working right now to drive the most traffic, conversions, and revenue through SEO.

5:30 - Fireside Chat & Closing

Questions for our panel of speakers.

6:00 - End Credits: Networking and Partnerships

Collaborate and connect to build stronger companies together.